can't upload the demo content

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When i uploading the demo content i get - execution time of 60 seconds exceeded error
yes it's my hosting problem but i don't want to change my hosting rate plan

can you sent to me whole pack of demo-site -
to upload it manually with my ftp client
i think this is easiest way to resolve all my problems.
Also i need the db of -

my email -

Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately we can't send it because that data is stored in a MySQL database, which we cannot send.

Try importing without the media attachments.


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Listen up! I buy the theme & for me easiest way to learn how to configure it is have the same version like -
the same settings in cms. I pay for the theme that looks like in demo
(the same Homepage Sections)
i don't need something else (pictures & other stuff)
but after i upload the skin & Demo Content (ego-wordpress-demo-content.xml)
i don't see the same result like -
yes i'm lazy, i want to change just the h1, meta tags, upload my images, videos and text, that's all.

so i can give you login & pass & you create sections like in demo

As I said, we don't provide our demo server's database.

The import definitely works, though importing images won't always work on all servers. Have you tried my suggestion before posting again?

From what I've heard, the team are currently trying to improve the XML file, so an update will be available in a few days. If you can, please wait until the update is released, so you can try with the new XML.

Note that the free support does not cover us installing and setting up the theme on your server, although we do have a separate service for that, should you need it.


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This free support covers questions related to setting up your theme. Please note that it does NOT include custom work or setting up your theme for you.

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5 posts Thread is closed for discussion

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