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For Example:
1. i create new Sc.Slider i add just 3 images.
2. name it slider33
3. add a slider shortcode to a new section named images

[slider id="slider33" size="page-width"]

4 publish

result: i get slider with all images i use in homepage - when i use shortcode - all images i use on this page from portfolio, main slider, going to that slider with new images that i just added. Please check this bug.

i know i can use html - it works fine

<div class="flexslider" style="width:195px; height:195px; ">
<ul class="slides">

  • </div>

    but i want to use a shortcode
    if i use 15 for slider id
    from this link in adress bar

    i get
    Please upload multiple images to the slider.

    look like the same problem as here
    and here

    so i go to Sc.Sliders (All shortcode sliders) and click on quick edit and i see the slug named 15-2

    i put 15-2 to slider id
    i get working slider but script put all images to slider (i mean images from portfolio from main slider and images i want to use in this slider)

    You need to use the ID, which is 15 from this link:

    But, after you upload some images to a shortcode slider, did you click to insert into post? You must not do that.



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    i'm following this instruction
    step by step
    Hi there,

    shoot your login details to and I'll take a look at what might be going wrong.


    u need to put in documentation
    before Step 33 note: You can only upload a new images to flexslider, after uploading do not click insert into post, just close upload window.

    Click ‘Publish’.

    And why step numbers going 1, - 2, - 33, - 4?
    new question
    on this image
    i see caption
    how to add caption?
    After uploading an image, you can add a caption in the options on the right hand side.



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    8 posts

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